Via Ca’ Frate n 3 Loc. Crocicchia - Urbino (PU)
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Nel nostro piccolo hotel si è cercato di conciliare la storia antica del mattone con la gradevolezza del confort moderno.
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Holiday centre Nenè welcomes you to your cosy and comfortable hotel.
We have blended the traditional historical brick and antique features with modern confort.

Completely immersed in the countryside, our hotel is particulary suitable either for relaxed, restful stays or a dynamic holiday, infact we are not far from the many touristic and cultural attractions,which characterizes our land.

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You will feel warm and cosy relaxing in the rustic decor whilst overlooking the splendid panoranic views of the Montefeltro hills.

Our team is attentive to provide you with the accurate and professional service that you deserve.